Beginning July 1, 2017
Santa Monica
Physical Medicine
2232 Santa Monica Blvd #101
Santa Monica, CA 90404


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Our Mission

Clinicare, Spinal Rehabilitation Medical Group, is a unique physical medicine health care center, combining multiple philosophies and disciplines in an integrated setting combining specialties of physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry), physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and medical acupuncture in one setting.  Our doctors and health care providers work together to offer patients an optimal approach to their musculoskeletal issues focusing both on an accurate diagnosis and most efficient, least invasive solution to their symptoms (pain) and condition.  Whether the patient has a new acute condition (sports, injury, accident, over use, work, trauma, etc.), to an older chronic condition (arthritis, cumulative injuries, etc.) our experienced professionals can provide the proper means to best respond to  the patient's needs.

Additionally, we feel it extremely important to educate patients on proper, effective home care for quicker symptom relief, correction of condition and prevention of deterioration and return of symptoms (often seen in various musculoskeletal conditions).

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