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From left to right: Celeste Gamboa (front desk coordinator), Mayda Alarcon (therapy aid), Sandra Parada (therapy aid), and Maggie Vasquez (billing coordinator).


Sandra Parada, Physical Therapy Aide.
Sandra has been a physical therapy aide at Clinicare for over a decade. She is a certified medical assistant, certified nurse assistant, physical therapy aide, licensed massage therapist and phlebotomist. She is trained in vestibular rehabilitation/ balance therapy, carpal tunnel, trigger point therapy and myofascial techniques. She is enthusiastic in taking care of our patients. She is dedicated to her  2 children including her daughter attending college and son in grade school.

Mayda Alarcon, Physical Therapy Aide.
Mayda is a California native and married with 2 children. After graduating from medical assistant, physical therapy aide and massage therapy school, she volunteered for physical therapists and began working with orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors. She discovered truths about pain management and new approaches to healing. She is passionate about working with patients and seeing what is possible without drugs or surgery. She has over a decade of massage and PT aide experience.

Celeste Gamboa, Front Desk Coordinator.
Celeste has been at Clinicare since 2006, with multiple duties assisting patients with appointments for the multiple services we provide. She is in charge of filling prescriptions and refills. She is the go to person for communicating with lawyers, workers compensation and personal injury insurance company treatment authorizations, and disability paperwork, as well as generating patient reports to those entities. Celeste loves reading, music and Korean soap operas.

Margarita Vasquez, Medical Biller. "Maggie" has been our insurance expert since 2002. She starts with verifying patients insurance coverage and obtaining treatment authorizations. It is her job to maximize patient coverage so that they can receive the medically necessary care required at the lowest out of pocket affordable cost. Her goal is always to get bills processed in the quickest timely manner. Maggie is married to her husband David and has 3 girls that always keep her busy.