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"I do not work but I volunteer with 3 and 4 year old under privileged children. I have not been able to do as much as I wanted to, I was in so much pain. My walking was so bad. My balance was so bad. I always had the fear of falling. I could not get down or up from the floor, Now I Can. My doctors wanted to operate on my knee but I refused surgery. I came here to CLINICARE my knee has no pain and is now flexible. I took Lexepro for depression from pain and stopped taking it after one month at the clinic. My balance has improved 80% , my walking 80%, my knee 100%, my back 100%, my neck 100%. Being 76 years young I feel a new beginning if I feel this good after one month. Watch Me Go!!"

— Virginia M.

"When I would lie down, the room would start revolving. I nipped this condition of 'dizziness' in the bud by coming to CliniCare. I improved in only a couple of weeks and have no noticeable symptoms."

— Pearl S.

"I had Bells Palsy which had paralyzed the left side of my face when my neck goes out, my eye starts tearing making it difficult for me to do my job. It is depressing to look in the mirror and seeing my left eye sunken and my mouth drooping on the left side. I also blink uncontrollably when I'm eating which I hate explaining to people. I improved after the third visit and have now fully recovered."

— Barbara F

"I was very depressed about the constant pain during waking hours. I felt like crying a lot and did cry often. I thought I might not ever feel better. I didn't feel like doing anything because I hurt all the time. I had pain in my thoracic spine and in my right arm, shoulders and elbow. I had foot surgery that was unsuccessful and because of this I wound up with pain in my right hip, lumbar spine, and then eventually my upper back, neck and right arm. I started improving in about three weeks. I can do everything I need to do on a daily basis without pain. I can't do everything I'd like to do, YET, but am hopeful that I can become stronger and more active. Everyone at Clinicare has been extremely supportive, friendly and helpful. The doctor's are sensitive and concerned about patients' welfare and thoughtfully consider their needs. My case was difficult and improvement took longer than average, but I kept coming back because of the positive and optimistic attitude here, and I did improve tremendously."

— Judith C

"I had severe sciatic pain, shoulder and neck pain and stiffness. My quality of life was severely affected. Any movement would trigger severe sciatic pain on the right side. I had tried treatment previously with little success. It took me a few months to improve but I am now fully recovered. I am now very physically active and able to run and workout every day. It is great. Everyone at CliniCare has been tremendously professional and supportive."

— Anna A.

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